Europe Days in Ukraine


Soon, on 16 May, Ukraine will celebrate the traditional Europe Day. Europe Day 2020 is, first of all, an opportunity to express solidarity with the EU values and principles. This holiday covers all aspects of the EU history, values ​​and policies, including the EU foreign policy, its relations with Ukraine: common history and values, support and cooperation, solidarity with Ukraine, especially during difficult times of military conflict in the East and pandemics.

Against the background of the coronavirus, global solidarity is particularly relevant.

This year the celebration will take place exclusively online on 9-18 May due to the extension of the quarantine regime. The EU Delegation will not conduct any public events, but the new digital format will let us participate and remember about the holiday. This year’s concept is #EuropeanColoursOfUkraine, which means that we are united by the values ​​and the colours of our flags, and we celebrate the alliance of our nations and cultures.

Main online platforms are:

You can download the program here: 

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