Environmental education

Center of the Environmental Education will ensure promotion of environmental education, the concept of “Zero Waste office”, energy and resource efficiency. It will contribute to the formation of environmental culture among young people and city residents. The project will be supported by Public Association “Green Center Metinvest” and NGO Mariupol Development Fund, which pay considerable attention to ensuring a safe environment in the city.

The concept of “Zero Waste office” aims at mitigation waste production and searching for sustainable practices  for zero-waste. It is foreseen that in EduSpace the e-documentation will be used, and in case of normative necessity to print documents an double-sided printing mode will be exclusively used, the disposable tableware will be avoided, and all possible measures will be taken to reduce and sort out the waste.

During the reconstruction of the building the exclusively environment-friendly materials and technologies will be used, preference will be given to energy-efficient technologies of lighting, heating, etc.


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