Integration into local community

  • — the new educational open space with a wide range of services for students and community aimed at their harmonious development. Creating a modern educational space, we strive to help the economic development of the local community and promote regional and national competitiveness
  • — the powerful impetus for the sustainable development of local community, which will have an substantial additional academic value for the DSUM and DLI, the higher educational institutions implementing the project
  • — the construction and formation of a modern educational environment expands opportunities for students aimed at their personal and professional development
  • — the development of social activity in the city and the region by involving local community into  EduSpace creation and development, and by this enhancing communication and cooperation with local community and business
  • — the promotion of interpersonal contacts at the national and international levels for mutual understanding and enrichment 
  • — the integration of the  efforts of academic staff, community and the government in reducing social exclusion of young people, particularly of the internally displaced persons
  • — the support of young people with regard to their professional and career development
  • — the provision of the unique educational academic environment for local community, aimed at the delivery of the additional opportunities for the youth’ development of the city and region
  • — provision of the creative potential for local youth to stay in their hometown and develop it socially and economically.

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