New educational programs

As part of the EduSpace project, it is planned to develop and implement the unique Master’s programs created in accordance with the modern needs of the local community, the regional labor market and social problems in the region.

Effective interaction of society with the government is an important mechanism of territorial reform and decentralization of power in Ukraine, as it increases the role of community in public administration. The Master’s program “Community Management” is developed to tackle these very important issues in the region. The program is designed to enhance efficiency of local government, improve communication skills of government employees for effective interaction with public and non-governmental organizations.

The reintegration of the temporarily occupied territories of Donbass and the inevitable need for conflict resolution creates a demand for the experts in mediation and conflict resolution. This Master’s program focuses on training the specialists who have such professional competencies as identification, research and analysis of conflicts, conflict resolution and prevention, mediation skills, knowledge of psychology and analytical skills.

Master’s programs will focus on the development of critical thinking, communication skills and teamwork of the students.


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