The goal of project

Promoting Better Social Cohesion and Economic Development in the Eastern region of Ukraine

  • —  to create an innovative educational environment for students, academicians and community with an appropriate modern infrastructure by creating an Educational Open Space for students and  community (EduSpace) with a wide range of student services,
  • — to reconstruct the educational building № 3 of DSUM (Makara Mazaya St.15, Mariupol), providing displaced educational universities with the necessary modern libraries, conference rooms and sports facilities, which will help to strengthen the infrastructure of the displaced universities and the effectiveness of their work,
  • — to create a Center for Environmental Education,
  • — to develop and implement Master’s Programs “Community Management” and “Conflict Management and Mediation”,
  • — to coordinate educational programs with labor market needs and community demand,
  • —  to contribute to development of social activity in the city and the region, involving the local community into development and promotion of EduSpace,
  • —  to institutionalize and develop student self-governance of the displaced universities,
  • —  to strengthen the inter-institutional cooperation between the displaced and local universities.

  • —  institutional infrastructure will be improved by reconstruction and creation of educational space of 2,000 m²;
  • —  provision of the wide range of services and facilities (conference room, classrooms, offices and centers) for individual development of students and fruitful teamwork;
  • —  maintenance stability in the work and development of displaced universities;
  • —  the number of students in displaced universities will be increased by 10-15%;
  • —  formation of the expert groups of external stakeholders to evaluate the curricula of displaced universities, the quality assurance and response to the needs of the labor market and the community;
  • —  new Master’s programs “Community Management”, “Conflict Management and Mediation” will be developed and launched
  • —  twelve educational programs and their practical component will correspond to the needs of the market and the expectations of community;
  • —  the image of displaced universities and the loyalty of the local community to them will be enhanced;
  • —  strong links established between displaced universities and key stakeholders.

  • —  modern space for study and extracurricular activities;
  • —  variety of opportunities for student services based on EduSpace (library, two sports halls, student club, cafe, etc.);
  •  —  Center for Leadership;
  • —  Center for Environmental Education;
  • —  Center of the Third Age Education;
  • —  self-governance bodies of DSUM and DLI will be institutionalized and actively developed, through project activities.

  • —  modern space for organizing conferences, seminars, workshops;
  • —  co-working area for the implementation of projects, teamwork and research;
  • —  library;
  • —  10 academic mobility at the University of Genova (Italy);
  • —  upgrading the pedagogical excellence, teaching methods.

  • —  city will receive an additional tool to attract young people and develop civil activity
  • —  EduSpace will become one of the important sites for developing a depressed city district
  • —  Center of the Environmental Education
  • —  additional unit of the Center of the Third Age Education to accommodate 70 students annually
  • —  Center for Leadership to train 350 students per year
  • —  1,500 young city residents will attend EduSpace annually
  • —  young people will receive an additional incentive and a tool allowing them to stay in their hometown and build a successful career.

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