Student self-governance office

EduSpace will serve as a platform for the interaction between student self-governance of the displaced universities and the community aimed at enhancing students’ academic experience through various cultural, educational, leadership, social and recreational programs. 

The student self-governance office will be created in accordance with modern trends and technologies, based on the preliminary studied and taken into account students’ demands and needs. The office space will be technically equipped including:

  • — laptops;
  • — LED television and projector;
  • — marker boards;
  • — sets of sketch-boards;
  • — Web-camera;
  • — Tables-transformers with chairs.

The Student councils will have the opportunity to develop student governance to form active student unions, participate in social events; work on projects in accordance with the needs of the student community, universities and community; to be active participants and volunteers during various events within the framework of EduSpace initiatives. Students can also actively participate in the further development and improvement of EduSpace in accordance with their vision.


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