Student services

EduSpace is an open space of education for students and community with a wide range of services. EduSpace will extend educational offerings for students and local communities, focusing on their personal and professional development.EduSpace will provide a number of the advanced services for students based on modern technology, best practices and know-how, namely:

SmartLibrary will offer the latest information and communication technologies in training; modern on-line catalogues for training and periodic. The online portal will be installed providing each attendee the personal account. Access to modern professional databases and educational resources for each student, including people with special needs will be provided.

The Leadership and Career Development Center is a unique educational platform for the development of a new generation of leaders in the business, government, non-profit and military sectors through training, research and partnerships with acknowledged leaders in their field. The coaching staff of the Center will be involved experts from the partner Universities from Italy and Scotland, who are experts on the development of leadership potential. Range of trainings will include trainings on the IQ emotional leadership, leadership in management, self-efficacy management, self-management, as well as trainings that promote the development of individual leadership and team leadership skills, trainings for student self-government.

English Club is a club for learning English in an informal setting both for individual and group studies, thematic tours and events.

Center of the Third Age Education. The University of the Third Age has been actively working as part of DSUM since 2016; its activities are aimed at providing educational services for non-formal education for students aged 55+. An additional center for educational services for the elderly will be opened in the EduSpace. The needs for people with special needs will be taken into account when creating the Center, to facilitate their socialization and participation in training. The Center for Third Age Education will have educational equipment for creative work – arts, handcraft, as well as for training courses on tourism, leisure, etc.

Sport space “TrainToLead” is a full-fledged center for the harmonious physical and spiritual growth of students and staff, for those who wish to improve physical and emotional health. The “TrainToLead” Center will be ergonomically built into EduSpace and equipped with modern fitness and sport equipment. Sections of martial arts, fitness, yoga and other will be offered.

Creative Studio for Student Сlub will have multimedia equipment, mobile tables and application tools for preparing and performing thematic creative activities. Creative Studio will comprise of two neighboring spaces, one of which will have a small stage with sound, multimedia equipment and 50 mobile seats; the second one will be designed to organize the technical and management work of the studio. The material and technical base will include sound and multimedia equipment, laptops, photo and video equipment, flipcharts, furniture, etc.


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